Comics or animation of Indian origin primarily featuring Indian sexuality.

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savita bhabhi

30.1 Savita continues to stroke. She says, “I feel your cock getting harder. Please professor, I need your cum. I need your cum on my face. Give me your cum.” The professor is tensing up. He continues to moan “Yessss…”
30.2.1 Close-up of the handjob. *In these three small boxes you have to show diff stages of the handjob so that the audience can get the feeling of movement. You can show the skin of his dick getting contracted and expanded to show this.
30.2.2 Close-up of the handjob.
30.2.3 Close-up of the handjob.
30.3 (Scene from the professor’s viewpoint) The professor’s cock explodes; a load of cum sprays over Savita’s face, and lands on her cheek. Savita is wide-eyed and smiling. Savita saying “Yes, spurt all your hot wet cum all over my face!”

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