Comics or animation of Indian origin primarily featuring Indian sexuality.

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savita bhabhi

5.1 Savita has walked back and is near the chair. Her right hand is on the chair and the other is on her button of her top. She has removed one button and a bit of her cleavage is visible. Savita saying “You see professor, I have to pass or I won’t graduate. And my father will be so upset with me if I don’t pass!”
5.2 Savita has now moved to the side of the table and is next to the professor’s chair. She has removed her second button and a good lot of cleavage is showing. Savita with wide eyes says “Please, there must be something I can do. I’m willing to do extra work. Anything you want.”
5.3 The professor is looking a bit flustered. He is looking at Savita’s cleavage and says “I’m sorry, Savita. It’s too late.” — “There is nothing you can do to earn enough marks.”
5.4 Savita now with her hand on the professor’s shoulder. Standing very close to him. Saying “You can’t think of anything I can do. But maybe I can.”

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