Comics or animation of Indian origin primarily featuring Indian sexuality.

Page 29

savita bhabhi

29.1 View from professor’s viewpoint. Savita takes the professor’s cock out of her mouth, and is holding his penis in the grip of her hand. Her breasts are in view and enormous. Savita says “Professor, I want you to cum for me.”
29.2 Savita pulls up on her cock as she strokes it, her breasts jiggling slightly as she does so. Savita says, “I want you to cum on my face”
29.3 Close-up of Savita’s face with the cock in her hand. Saying “Cum in my mouth. Spill your juices all over me!”
29.4 Savita continues to stroke his cock. She moves her face closer to his cock, and smiling wide, she says, “Cum for me professor. Shoot your hot load all over my face.” A moan “Ahhhh…” comes from the professor.