Comics or animation of Indian origin primarily featuring Indian sexuality.

Page 31

savita bhabhi

31.1 The first load still lies across Savita’s cheek. A second load sprays out of the professor’s cock, landing on Savita’s forehead and in her hair. Savita is still smiling. Sound from professor “Yesssss”
31.2 The first load drips from Savita’s cheek down onto her tits. The second load is on her forehead and dripping down her nose. A third load comes out of the professor’s cock and hits Savita’s chin and lower lip. Savita thinking “Oh wow, this guy has so much cum in him” – “My face is completely covered with his cum”
31.3 Savita’s face is covered in cum. The cum is dripping down her face and onto her tits. Professor is lying backwards, eyes closed looking completely exhausted. Savita smiles wide and says “Your load was so big professor. Thank you for giving it to me.”