Comics or animation of Indian origin primarily featuring Indian sexuality.

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savita bhabhi

6.1 Savita has taken the professors right hand and holding it up near her boobs. The professor surprised but still staring at her boobs says “Savita… what are you doing?”
6.2 View of Savita from professors eyes. She is now holding his right hand on her left breast. Savita saying “Cmon prof, I’ve seen how you look at me during Math’s class” –“Don’t you want to feel how soft my boobs are”
6.3 Professor pressing her boobs now. Savita’s hand is on his arm. The professor says “But Savita, we could get in trouble”
6.4 Savita now bending down a bit getting on her knees. Says “Don’t worry professor. I’ll make sure it is worth it!”