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savita bhabhi

2.1 Savita smiles and says “Oh, that’s an interesting story. I didn’t tell you at the time, but would you like to hear now what happened?”
2.2 Upasana eagerly says “Of course, Savita. I know you’re persuasive, but I’ve always wondered how you were able to get the professor to pass you.”
2.3 Flashback to Savita in College. She looks younger, about 19. Savita is in a hallway dressed in a schoolgirl’s outfit (with a skirt, matching tie and her hair in pigtails) and knocks on a door. A sign on the wall says “Mathematics Department”. There are a few other girls and boys in the corridor. Draw the outfit as shown in the picture –but with a tie. Also draw her with big boobs pressing out from the outfit. The top should have two buttons.

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